Friday, September 9, 2011

I recently watched the Movie, “The Ultimate Gift” – the message of the movie is about  "life how you live it… not how you spend it." From my prospective “The Ultimate Gift” was an amazing movie - thoroughly enjoyable while teaching some of life's Greatest Lessons! To live a life of abundance, joy, and happiness you truly have to understand the journey of life and the gifts enclosed within that journey. The movie teaches one how to truly enjoy the gifts of life. There were 11 gifts illustrated with great lessons in movie…hence why it’s called the “Ultimate Gift.”
If you’re wondering about your future goals (career, family, relationship or purpose in life) and questioning the how to live your best life, I strongly recommend you watch this movie. You have 24 hours in your day, 168 hours in your week, 8,736 hours in your year. Therefore, you definitely owe it to yourself to watch an hour long movie that’s guaranteed to change your life forever, like it has changed mine. Trust me, I’ll never lead you wrong. So I shall share... :-)
These were the 11 lessons I walk into my success and beautiful future with:
1. The Gift of Work Ethics: The importance of being a discipline employee.
2. The Gift of Money: To appreciate money you sometimes have to lose everything.
3. The Gift of True Friend(s): A true never intentionally hurt you, mistreat you, use you, and/or forsake when you need them the most.
4. The Gift of Learning: The importance of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are keys to the treasure box of life.
5. The Gift of Problem(s): To overcome problem(s) is to prepare for victory. Therefore to be victorious you have to be willing and able to face problems.
6. The Gift of Laughter: Finding laughter in everyday you wake up alive.
7. The Gift of Dream: When you establish dream(s), you’ve found life’s meaning. When you stop dreaming, you’ve stop living. Be free to dream and follow it.
8. The Gift of Giving: It’s in the giving you shall receive what you want out of life.
9. The Gift of Gratitude: Always be thankful for what you have. Surprise many with your gratitude.
10. The Gift of a Day: Live in the present and treat each day as the perfect day, because you’ll never see that day again.
11. The Gift of Love: Love the people who’ve always supported, love your life, love the ones who love you, love person who has helped you, love your perfect day, and most of all love and appreciate yourself.
Looks like a lot but if you make these lessons part of your day to day life… I promise you, your life will take a journey to an amazing place you’ll never imagined possible.   ~live love laugh~

Nekeela DeHaarte, MS
CEO & President

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